FiberCheck is the result of an interdisciplinary cooperation of innovation oriented research teams at the Chemnitz University of Technology aiming at developing a sensor system for continuous detection and monitoring of damages within fiber‐reinforced plastics. The system contains two different types of sensors in addition to an evaluation unit.

Heads of project are:

  • Prof. Zanger, Department of Marketing
  • Prof. Mehner, Chair of Microsystems and Precision Engineering
  • Prof. Heinkel, Chair Circuit and System Design
  • Prof. Kroll, Department of Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology

The spin-off from the Chemnitz University of Technology is scheduled for January 2012. It is around that time when the product will hit the market.



Rotor blades made of fiber-reinforced plastics are constantly exposed to high and varying loads causing material fatigue in the long run. Nevertheless, already minor damages can have a direct impact on the efficiency of the entire wind power plant. Over time, major material failures and even total breakdowns are to be expected. FiberCheck helps eliminate disruptions of standard power plant operation by constantly monitoring the status of rotor blades’ plastic structure. Its innovative sensor system enables you to detect early structural changes in fiber-reinforced plastics for fast intervention. This will not only cut your costs of maintenance and repairs, minimize downtime and reduce the probability of total breakdowns, it will also open up additional profit potential, due to ice detection and optimal pitch setting.